- The main suppliers’ features -
broncolor is the international company producing the studio lighting equipment located in beautiful Basel city on the border of the Switzerland, France, and Germany.
Many nationalities of labors work in the big modern factory for assemblies of the broncolor strobes.
The company was founded about 50 years ago, since then they have been produced the famous brand broncolor products in the studio lighting products and exports over 80 countries. They are well known for the high quality, advanced technology, precision and reliability of their products among first class photographers all over the world. In 1999, broncolor acquired Kobold in Germany and entered the lighting in the video, film field.
Founded in1948 in Cologne, Germany as one of the oldest manufacturers of Strobe in Europe,
Multiblitz has been present in over 80 countries of the world as one of the leading manufacturers.
Countless thousands of Multiblitz units give reliable everyday service in photo studios all over the world. With its sophisticated European design, they are proud of their strong share in the world market such as American and German.
The merge of the Kobold company with Bron Elektronik AG(broncolor,VISATEC) brings together decades of experience in the lighting sector.Kobold has manufactured daylight fixtures and accessories for TV,film, broadcast, and video since 1995. The know-how of these two companies warrants for state-of -the-art light sources of highest quality. kobold surprises with innovative products and continuous adaptation to the trends and requirements of the market.
Frubo is a brand name of High quality inkjet media made in Switzerland, creating brilliant image and pictures. They are focused for the use of commercial photographers, designers, printing companies, advertising companies etc.

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