kobold rental & broncolor rental
In the center of Tokyo
We can rent kobold , broncolor equipment and accesories by your demand ,and deliver to destination.


Before using our rental service, please read our rental policy.

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No Equipment Price/JPN YEN
R1 Rental Registration Fee (For newly registred customers) 5,000


Power Packs

P70 Reflector , Umbrella White , Umbrella Reflector , Stand will come with set of Power Pack and Lampbase for free if you require.

RS16S Scoro 1600 S (1600Ws) with 1 Lamphead(P70) 11,000
Scoro 1600 S (1600Ws) 8,000
RS32S Scoro 3200 S (3200Ws) with 1 Lamphead(P70) 14,000
Scoro 3200 S (3200Ws) 11,000
RS16E Scoro 1600 E (1600Ws) with 1 Lamphead(P70) 9,000
Scoro 1600 E (1600Ws) 6,000
RS32E Scoro 3200 E (3200Ws) with 1 Lamphead(P70) 12,000
Scoro 3200 E (3200Ws) 9,000
RSE2S Senso A2 (1200Ws ) With Litos Reflector and Litosflex (70x70) 7,000
RSE2 Senso A2 (1200Ws ) 5,000
RSE4S Senso A4 (2400Ws ) With Litos Reflector and Litosflex (70x70) 8,000
RSE4 Senso A4 (2400Ws )  6,000
RSA2S Scoro A2S (1600Ws ) with Pulso G Head and Lamphead (P70) 10,000
RSA2 Scoro A2S (1600Ws ) 7,000
RSA4S Scoro A4S (3200Ws ) & Pulso G head (with P70)
RSA4 Scoro A4S (3200Ws ) 10,000
RVA2S Verso A2 (1200Ws ) & Pulso G Head (with P70) For AC supply use , without power dock 10,000
RVA2 Verso A2 (1200Ws ) 7,000
RVA4S Verso A4 (2400Ws ) & pulso G head (with P70)For AC supply use , without power dock 13,000
RVA4 Verso A4 (2400Ws ) 10,000
RVP Power Dock (for VersoA2/A4 power pack) 5,000


Move 1200 L kit  (1xMove1200L, 1xMobiLED,1xBattery,1xcharger,1xUmbrella silver 85cm,1xSoftbox,1xRFS2.1) 9,000


Lamp Unit

RF4 Pulso G head 3200Ws (with P70) 3,000
RPT4 Pulso twin 4 (3200Ws x 2) (with P70) 7,000
RML Mobilite 2 small lamp (1600Ws) 2,000
RPL Picolite small lamp (1600Ws) 2,000
RLI Litos small lamp (2400Ws) (only for senso)  2,000



RSR4 Siros 400S  (1xSiros400S,1xUmbrella silver 85cm,1xRFS2.1)  4,000
RSR4K Siros 400S kit  (2xSiros400S,1xUmbrella silver 85cm,,1xSoftbox,1xRFS2.1) 8,000
RSR8 Siros 800S  (1xSiros800S,1xUmbrella silver 85cm,1xRFS2.1) 4,500
RSR8K Siros 800S kit  (2xSiros800S,1xUmbrella silver 85cm,,1xSoftbox,1xRFS2.1) 9,000
RSR4L Siros 400L  (1xSiros400L,1xUmbrella silver 85cm,1xRFS2.1) 6,000
RSR4LK Siros 400L kit  (2xSiros400L,1xUmbrella silver 85cm,,1xSoftbox,1xRFS2.1)  12,000
RSR8L Siros 800L  (1xSiros800L,1xUmbrella silver 85cm,1xRFS2.1) 6,500
RSR8LK Siros 800L kit  (2xSiros800L,1xUmbrella silver 85cm,,1xSoftbox,1xRFS2.1) 13,000
RSRB Lithium-ion batteries for Move1200L with  battery charger 1,000


Extension Cable

REC5 Extension cable 5m ( for lamps to max.3200J ) 500
REC10 Extension cable 10m ( for lamps to max.3200J ) 500
RRC Relay cable 300


Reflectors and Attachments

RP70 Standard reflector P70 500
RHC Honeycomb grids for P70 (set of 3 pieces / fine,medium,coarse) 3,000

Mirion with (P70) Honeycomb Grid 3 pieces

RNG Honeycomb grids extremely narrow for P70 (3°) 1,000
RBD4 Barn door for P70 ( with 4 wings ) 1,000
ROPD Opal diffusers for P70 (set of 12 pieces ) 1,000
RPT P-Travel reflector 800
RBDP Barn door for P- Travel reflector ( with 2 wings ) 1,000
RP120 Wide angle reflector P120 800
RCO Conical snoot 1,000
RP50 Narrow angle reflector P50 1,000
RHC50 Honeycomb grids for P50 (set of 3 pieces / fine,midium,coarse) 3,000
RP65 Standard reflector P65 1,000
RP45 Narrow angle reflector P45 1,000
RHC65 Honeycomb grids for P45/65 Par(set of 3 pieces/fine,medium,coarse) 3,000
RPAR PAR reflector 1,000
RPS Softlight Reflector P-Soft (with Diffuser filter ,Honeycomb grid)silver 3,500
RBD BeautyDish reflector  (with Diffuser filter ,Honeycomb grid)white 3,500
RSTE Satellite Evolution 10,000
RMS Mini-Satellite 5,000
RSTS Satellite Staro (with Honeycomb grid) 10,000
RPFS Pulso Flooter (with Fresnel lens) 8,000
RPFHC Honeycomb grid for Pulso Flooter 2,000
RPFBD Barn door for Pulso Flooter ( with 2 wings ) 2,000
RMH Mini Hazylight  60x60cm 8,000
RFSA Fresnel Spot attachment for pulsoG 8,000
RSAT Spot attachment for pulsoG (with 6xmusk, templates付) 6,000


Accessories for Small Lamp

RPPA Projection attachment ( for picolite/mobilite2 ) 4,000
RPFSA Fresnel Spot attachment ( for picolite/mobilite2 ) 2,000
RMAT Attachment with 3 honeycomb grid and 2 aperture masks ( for picolite/mobilite2 ) 2,000
RBD4P Barn door ( for picolite/mobilite2 ) 1,000
RPB Picobox ( for picolite/mobilite2 ) 1,000
RPA Pulso adapter 500


Soft Boxes / Umbrella

RSFTB Softbox
*(with speed ring for broncolor)
ROCTB Beautybox 65 3,000
ROCTB Octabox 75 (2.5 ft)/150 (4.9 ft) 3,000
RZB Speed Ring for Softbox (Profoto/Elinchrom/Multiblitz/camera flashes) 500
RPFLX Pulsoflex (with adapter ring)
/EM80x110/EM30x110/ EM35x60
RLF Flex 70x70 1,000
RUR Umbrella reflector for Pulso G 500
RUW/RUS Umbrella silver 102/105cm (White or Silver) 500
RUSF broncolor Focus 110 1,000
RUR mirion Umbrella 150cm (White/Silver) 1,000


Effect lamps

RPR8 Para 88 Reflector Focusing Kit (with 3xDiffuser and grid) 15,000
RZB Para 88 Reflector (with 3xDiffuser and grid) 12,000
RPR133 Para 133 Reflector Focusing Kit (with 3xDiffuser and grid) 17,000
RZB Para 133 Reflector (with 3xDiffuser and grid) 14,000
RPR177 Para 177 Reflector Focusing Kit (with 3xDiffuser and grid) 19,000
PRR222 Para 222 Reflector Focusing Kit (with 3xDiffuser and grid) 24,000
RPR1 Para 170FB/FF/177 (with 3xDiffuser) 17,000
RPR2 Para 220FB/FF/222 (with 3xDiffuser) 22,000
RPRS2 Parasoft 220FB (with 3xDiffuser) 22,000
RPR3 Para 330FB/FF (with 3xDiffuser) 33,000
RPD Diffuser for para88/170,177/220,222/330 2,000
RLB60 Lightbar 60 3200Ws with barndoor (12 x 58cm) 8,000
RLB120 Lightbar 120 3200Wsx2  with barndoor (12 x 112cm) 10,000
RSL60 Striplite 60 3200Ws  (12 x 58cm) 8,000
RSL120 Striplite 120 3200Ws×2 (12 x 112cm) 10,000
RSLH Honeycomb grid for Striplite60/120 1,000
RLBA120 Plexiglas cap mat, for Striplite 120 3,000
RSLA120 Striplite attachment for Lightbar 120 3,000
RBL40 Boxlite 40 1600Ws 7,000
RBA Balloon 4,000
RLS Litestick 3200Ws 5,000

Ringflash (without modelling lamp)


Ringflash C (with modelling lamps)with honeycomegrids, soft reflector(silver)


Ringflash C with honeycomegrids,Beauty reflector(white)


Ringflash C with honeycomegrids,Power reflector(silver)

RGFP Ringflash P (for Para FB) 8,000
RFB Fibrolite 3200Ws 6,000
RFBS Accesary kit for Fibrolit 8,000
RPF1542 Profil 15/42 100V 10,000
RPF Profil 11/26 200V 10,000
RSP4 Pulso spot 4 (with Fresnel lens) 5,000
ROPT15 Optical snoot 150mm for spot4 (with 6xmusks, templates付) 5,000
ROPT10 Optical snoot 150mm for spot4 (with 6xmusks, templates付) 5,000
RGO gobo set for spot attachment (set of 12 pieces) 3,000
RSUN Sunlite set  (with pulsoG head & barndoor) 5,000
RUV UV attachment 4,000


Broncolor HMI

※With one spare lamp.
R575 Broncolor HMI575.800 575W set (with P70) 10,000
R800 Broncolor HMI575.800 800W set (with P70) 13,000
RPBR Parabol reflector for HMI F575.800 (with 4 PAR lenses) 3,000
REC8 Extension cable 10m ( for HMI) 500


Kobold HMI

※With one spare lamp
<AC set> (with EWB200 ballast) 9,000
<DC set> (with battery, battery ballast) 11,000

<AC/DCset> (with EWB200 ballast and battery, battery ballast)

<AC set> (with EWB200 ballast) 6,000
<DC set> (with battery, battery ballast) 8,000

<AC/DCset> (with EWB200 ballast and battery, battery ballast)

RBB Battery ( for DW200/repoter) 3,000
RKPR2 kobold Para 220FB (4xDW200) 22,000
RBPXXS Softbox video pro XXS 30x40cm 3,000
RKBA Broncolor Adapter 800
RK400 DWP400 (with EWB400 ballast) Open/PAR 11,000
RK575 DWP575 (with EWB575 ballast) Open/PAR 12,000
RK800 DWP800 (with EWB800 ballast) Open/PAR 13,000



RBC24 Brightcast 24Inch LED <Daylight> (With Battery mount) 6,000
RBC24v Brightcast 24Inch LED (Bi-Color) 6,000
RBC16v Brightcast 16Inch LED 4,000
RBC5 Brightcast Video LED (30w) with Battery 3,000


Stand and Remote Control

RJST Junior stand 1,000
RST Senior stand 1,500
RXXL Large stand (for Para,Staro) 3,000
RZZ Auto Pole 1,500
RSBST Boom 7,000
RWT Weight 500
RTPM For Camera Size M Carbon Tripod (ball head bag) 1,000

For Camera Size L Carbon Triopod (ball head bag)

RFA150 FLM Adapter 150mm 1,000
RFA100 FLM Adapter 100mm 1,000
RFA75 FLM Adapter 75mm 1,000
R58F FLM Ball HeadCB58F + Camera Plate160mm 1,000
R58FR FLM Ball HeadCB58FTR + Camera Plate160mm 1,000
R38F FLM Ball HeadCB38F + Camera Plate160mm 500
R38FR FLM Ball HeadCB38FTR + Camera Plate160mm 500
RIRX2 IRX-2 Infrared Transmitter 2,000
RRFS RFS transmitter


RFS2 RFS 2 transmitter 1,000
RSE Servor D (for grafitA remote control) 2,000



REF Electorona Flash Feeder compact 5,000
REC Electorona compact battery case 3,000
REP Electorona Power battery case 3,000
RPBX Power box 900 (broncolor) 4,000
  MultiBlitz ProPack Battery for Profilux 200 5,000
  Profilux Plus 200 1 Lamp Head Set(with umbrella white, umbrella reflector, stand) 3,000

Profilux Plus 200 2 Lamp Head Set(with umbrella white, umbrella reflector, stand)




R-SBMM Sunbounce Micromini 60x90cm 1,000
R-SBM Sunbounce Mini 90x125cm 1,500
R-SBP Sunbounce Pro 130x190cm 2,000
R-SBB Sunbounce Big 180x245cm 2,500
R-SSWM Sunswatter Mini 90x125cm<Diffuser2/3> 1,500
R-SSWP Sunswatter Pro 130x190cm<Diffuser2/3> 2,000
R-SSWB Sunswatter Big 180x245cm<Diffuser2/3> 2,500
R-SM Sunmover Grip <Silver/White><Zebra/White> 500
R-SWKM Indoor Mobile Mini Set (Wind Killer) 1,500
R-SWKP Indoor Mobile Pro Set 2,000
R-SWKB Wind Killer Mobile (130x190cm) Big 2,500
R-0655 180x180 Screen Translucent 2/3(Seamless) 2,000
R-0650 180x180cm Screen Translucent 1/3 (Seamless) 2,000
R-1255 360x360cm Screen Translucent 2/3 (Seamless) 3,000
R-1250 360x360cm Screen Translucent 1/3 (Seamless) 3,000
R-0648M 180x180cm Molton Heavy 300g/m2 (Seamless) 2,000
R-1248M 360x360cm Molton Heavy 300g/m2 (Seamless) 3,000



RH5D2 Hassellblad H5D-200 MS 40,000
RHCL80 Hasselblad Lens HC 80mm F2.8 3,500
RHCCL35-90 Hasselblad Lens HCD 35-90mm F4-5.6 5,500
RZZ Canon EOS 5D MarkIII 16,000
RZZ Canon Lens EF 24-105mm F4L 2,500
RPVH Pivothead Video Sunglasses 3,000
RAPVH Air Pivothead (Wifi) 1,000

*Free equipment delivery around Tokyo area.

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