Agai Trading Corporation has a show room in Ikebukuro ,Tokyo.

The location is about 7 minutes walk from west gate of Ikebukuro station.
Tax free shopping is available for the tourists from abroad.

We sell very famous brand products for professional cameras,light and accessories.
Hasselblad, Phase One, and quality light broncolor strobes made in Switzerland .
Tripod for shooting still and movies.Continuous light kobold HMI , LED light TGL , sumo , and reflector Sunbounce ,FLM made in Germany ,e-image ,etc.,
many kinds of accessories for photo and movie shooting are available in the showroom.

Photographers and Cinematographers are welcome at Agai showroom and studio as test studio in the same building.
You can book studio rental and test shooting in the studio.
The equipment rental namely camera, light, and accessories are available after registration for rental.

Car parking is also available in front of Agai building.

Reservation for your equipment rental and parking spot is recommendable by telephone or e-mail etc.,.

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